Post No: 570272 March 24, 2014, 03:12PM
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TRTC Insiders know the worst is yet to come, might as well drop the ball now and grab some money since it won't go any higher for awhile.

GALE...........biotech stock went south from $7 to $2.80 as of now because ALL insiders including CEO of GALE sold nearly 90% of their shares.....after PR news pump just like TRTC......think about that!

If a company has soo much promise and knows it why are insiders selling instead of accumulating more? It's never a good thing for retail investors when you can't trust management anymore.

Fundamentals for TRTC?

LAUGHABLE......this turd is rising on potential and marijuana hype. The present fundamentals and financial numbers does not justify the price.

If and when TRTC makes good on all these letters of intents and promises they would still need to show rising revenues and sustained income.....audited numbers i might add.

Its a casino stock!

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