Post No: 630591 October 31, 2015, 07:28PM
Guest wrote:

1)DRNK products are Hangover shots (To prevent a hangover from drinking).
2) On 10/30/15, DRNK gets an agreement with TDG (SOURCE:, Type in DRNK, Read the 10/30/15 news).
SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Oct. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Scottsdale, AZ based beverage company NOHO, Inc. (DRNK) has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with TDG Brands, Inc. for distribution of NOHO "The Hangover Defense" 2 oz. shots in all flavors.

TDG Brands services over 48,000 stores in the domestic U.S.

The 5 year exclusive U.S. distribution agreement between NOHO, Inc. and TDG Brands, Inc. guarantees NOHO, Inc. $2,500,000 for the first year of the agreement.
DRNK= $0.0005 per share, BUY DRNK to profit because It gets the big contract on 10/30/15, Its products are also available in Hong Kong(6/23 PR), S.Korea(8/12 PR).

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