Post No: 628230 July 24, 2015, 03:18PM
Guest wrote:

"Take Raymond Dabney. In 2005, the British Columbia Securities Commission slapped a 5 year trading ban on Dabney & barred him from being an officer or director of a publicly-traded company for 5 years after Dabney admitted to issuing 22 bogus news releases that contained misrepresentations about the revenue of Xraymedia, a MN which Dabney was a controlling shareholder. The Securities & Exchange Commission also sued Dabney & in 2010 obtained a final judgment against him that included a disgorgement and penalty of about $190,000. The SEC launched the enforcement action against Dabney & 3 others in connection with a scheme to manipulate the price & trading volume of Alliance Transcription Services. Today, Dabney works as a management consultant for Cannabis Science, a cannabis formulation-based drug development company that trades on the OTCBB. Dabney is described in SEC filings as the trustee of the Bogat Family Trust, which owned 6.5% of CBIS last year.

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