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ken wrote: 2 Replies

No pilot mill has ever tested this ore to see if the 350-450 tons per hour mill design is even viable using salt water as a leaching medium. We offered to build a 1-2% mill for testing and training purposes which could handle 3 to 5 ton per hour in Feb. 2011. If the mineralized ore could be seperated from the clay and silt then leach treated to reduce costs we could prove up the Bateman and Lakeview lab. milling process and more importantly the tonnages projected in the filings. At $1.07 a share we and our associates would increase our shares as results were released. Depending on the pilot mill results we figured the price per share would at least double or triple .
This recommendation was accepted then rejected a few days later by Baja so our milling consultant,Bell Enterprises offered to mill 100 tons of the complex ore in a new mill he had built to handle silty ore using the Bateman/Lakeview process. It was rejected. If you are a shareholder, email me

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