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"There are many financial investments that have a high probability..." 

- Source:  SEC Coments from a Cornell University Professor
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What I am about to show you, will permanently change your understanding of the markets. I will provide very specific proof of investors who have already made millions of dollars using High Probability Trading Strategies.  They have been so wildly successful that thousands of top trading firms have already adapted similar programs. And I am going to show you how you can get the same advantage they have for free.

It all started back in 1984, when Richard Denis identified some specific market patterns based on a technical indicator known as a Donchian Channel.  He trained a small group of traders to use that signal to make high probability trades.  The result: He turned $1,600 into $200 million dollars.  If you don't believe me, read it yourself on Wikipedia

Richard Denis was an amazing success story, but it wasn't until 2001 when a team of IBM researchers published a paper that showed that algorithmic trading strategies could consistently outperform human traders.   You can view the actual research paper at this Link: IBM Proof that Algo Trading can beat a human trader  The discovery these researchers made, was about to forever change the markets.  Because they proved that high probablity trading setups, can make huge profits in any market.

Today the market is dominated by high probability trading programs.  But, the big firms will not share.  If you want access to Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan proprietary trading platform, good luck trying.  We developed this software to level the playing field for the average investor.   If you want a software program that can give you the same technical indicators Richard Denis and IBM used to find probability information.  I have provided a link to a free trial of a program that you can download here.

CASE STUDY:  A Signal That Works 96% of The Time



$2 to $7


$5,000,000 to $10,000,000





+4% to +8%


80 to 90

bollinger bands

50% to 90%


90 to 100


Fig 1. Composite performance chart of stocks exhibiting this signal

Performance after 10 days

Fig 2. Gainers vs loseres distribution after 10 days

About This Signal

On the left you can see an example of one simple combination of chart signals. Over 96% of the time a stock had this signal reading, it made a sharp move up in just 10 days. The table on the bottom is interactive, and you can click through it to see all of the exact times it happened and what happened to the stock.

Of course our software will find this signal whenever it occurs. But you may ask how many signals are there that work over 90% of the time. There are literally thousands of them. If you download our free trial you can see the best ones for today.

So what is this great signal in the example? It is actually quite a simple pattern. It happens whenever the following conditions are all met: there is a cheap stock on a major exchange like NYSE, or NASDAQ, it has a very active investor following, it is on a strong uptrend, it had paused briefly, it shows strong support, and now started going up again. We will break it down to it's components.

Actual Historical Backtested Proof of Signal

% OF STOCKS THAT INCREASED 67.86% 71.43% 82.14% 96.43% 92.86%
AVERAGE GAIN 1.78% 2.93% 5.12% 6.83% 9.40%
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Stock Metrics

Stock Price - The stock must be trading between $2 and $7

Average Dollar Volume - The average daily dollar volume on the stock should be between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000 per day.

Signal Metrics

MACD - Must have a value that is between 4% and 8% above the zero line. For example if the stock was $1, the value of MACD must be between .04 and .08 to get this reading. This type of reading on MACD will only occur when the stock is in a strong uptrend

Fig 1. In each of these three examples you can see what the value of MACD would need to be to be 4% to 8% above the zero line. As you can see in the examples, the values for MACD will be different based on the price of the underlying stock.

Bollinger Bands - The stock price must be between the 50% and 90% range of the 2 Bollinger Bands. For example: If the top bollinger band is at 100, and the bottom band is at 90. The stock would need to be beteen $95, and $99 to get this reading. When combined with a strong MACD reading, this can only suggest that the stock has made a recent pullback in it's trend.

Slow Stochastics - Slow stochastics for the stock were between 90 and 100. This reading is based on the number of days the stock closes with a gain for the day. It helps with overall sentiment, and shows that on most days traders are supporting the stock, and not letting it close down.

RSI - RSI Score of above 80, shows current heavy upward buying pressure on the stock.

If you want to know the next time when a stock has over 90% probability, download this free software now.


I Find It Very Informative. It is a great tool

I recently suscribed to your precision stock. I find it very informative. It is a great tool. Now I have also dabbled into penny stocks which I have always told others stay away from. I have a great respect for the accomplishments you have done and look forward to a very rewarding future using your software platforms. Best wishes

David Ahamnos


This Tool Is Absolutely Fantastic

Hi! First of all, this tool is absolutely fantastic! Great work!



Great Software

Great software very useful thanks



Thanks For Giving Me My Spare Time Back

Thanks so much for this most useful software. I've busted my hump the last 2 years doing exactly what this software does for me automatically. You've saved me a whole bunch of work. Thanks for giving me my spare time back. A very appreciative fan

Scott Muther


Extremely Useful

Hello, Running the latest version, love it! Extremely useful.



You're The Best

Love your program beyond belief. You're the best.

Sterling Wolfe


Wish I Had Found It A Long Time Ago

Hey thanks so much for the download you dont know what it means to me it was just luck i found it no more front loaded picks for this ole boy wish i had found it along time ago agian thanks so much,



Thanks for Putting This All Together

I love this program. Thank you for all the information. I am just starting investing and my interests are in Options and Penny Stocks because, as you can imagine, I do not have vast sums of money to start with. My desire is to grow into the bigger trades. I am learning everything I can about technical analysis hoping that will help me find good direction. Thanks for putting this all together.

Linda Stephens


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