Yellow Media Inc.


Yellow Media Inc (TSE:YLO) (PINK:YLMPF) Gets Close To All Time Price Lows March 19, 2012

Yellow Media Inc ( TSE:YLO ) (PINK:YLMPF) stock price took another dive on Monday getting even closer to its all time lows. This doesn't yet look very promising for either bears or bulls though. YLO stock price lost another 9.5% under a trading volume of just over 4 million, roughly at its average value. The interesting thing is that price is now just half a cent above the all time low. Strangely enough the stock got listed among the most active ones on the exchange, which could more

Yellow Media Inc (TSE:YLO) (PINK:YLWPF) Financial Statements Cause Share... November 07, 2011

Yellow Media Inc ( TSE:YLO ) (PINK:YLWPF) stock price is in a tight position as recent financial update provided mixed results and made it unsure if the stock should recover in the near future. YLO stock ended the last week's volatile trading with nearly no changes to the share price and even managed to slip another 8% lower upon opening on Monday. The stock also made it among the most actively traded list on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Nearly 20 million shares changed hands last Friday, more

Yellow Media Inc (TSE:YLO) Cuts Off Dividend. Actively Pursuits Debt Reduction September 30, 2011

Yellow Media Inc ( TSE:YLO ) corrected up, providing a rare opportunity for longs to profit on their stock. The company remains troubled by their debts and is taking drastic measures to get out of the hole. YLO stopped the drop at 15 cents, where the price found a temporary support. The stock added nearly 15% during Friday's session, on what may prove to be only a temporary recovery. YLO lost 72% over the past 5 days, thus naturally the stock looks oversold and the correction more

Yellow Media Inc. (TSE:YLO) (PINK:YLMPF) Hits a New 52-week Low September 21, 2011

Yellow Media Inc ( TSE:YLO ) (PINK: YLMPF) saw their share price tumble further down on Tuesday on a persisting negative sentiment relating to their fundamental situation. YLO lost another 17.9% on Tuesday on a heavy daily trading volume of nearly 10.4 million and recorded a new 52-week low of 55 cents. The stock has lost 91% over the past year, thus this further decline isn't surprising. Yellow Media had no particular news during the day. YLO market cap went down to $283.8 million, more

Yellow Media Inc (TSE:YLO) (PINK:YLWPF) Stock Price Is Falling Into Abyss August 04, 2011

Yellow Media Inc (TSE:YLO) (PINK:YLWPF) stock price collapsed after the company decided to cut dividend rates. YLO lost nearly half of its value over the latest trading session as the stock price tumbled down 43.3%, stopping at $1.10 per share. The fall in price generated the heaviest daily trading volume of the whole year. Nearly 39 million shares changed hands, which is a massive amount compared to an average turnover of just 4.8 million. Technically, YLO stock collapsed more

Yellow Media Inc (TSE:YLO) (PINK:YLWMF) Stressed By Overselling June 30, 2011

Yellow Media Inc (TSE:YLO) (PINK:YLWMF) price action brought some disturbance among traders after the prevailing downtrend seemingly overextended and the company had some controversial news to go with the confusion. YLO didn't manage to retain the bullish momentum from Wednesday and fell 8.5% today. The share price had added over 17% a day before after bouncing the bottom on speeding up downtrend. The trading volume was 7.3 million today, significantly above the average of 4.3 million, more