Woulfe Mining Corp. (WOF)


Woulfe Mining Corp.(CVE:WOF) (PINK:WFEMF) Sale Deal Gets Pushed Farther June 30, 2012

Woulfe Mining Corp.( CVE:WOF ) (PINK:WFEMF) stock price tanked after the company said they will need to wait for further due diligence before the partial sale of subsidiary and a possibility of two month before sale idle period was added to the initial agreement. WOF stock price tanked 31.4% after traders digested the news. The interest was huge with a trading volume of 3.2 million it topped the average turnover of 427 thousand around eight times. Traders got disappointed after the...read more

Woulfe Mining Corp. (CVE:WOF) (PINK:WFEMF) Breaks Out Of Consolidation January 30, 2012

Woulfe Mining Corp. ( CVE:WOF ) (PINK:WFEMF) traders might have witnessed some short squeezes in action on Friday when the share price rallied nearly 15.8% under a huge trading volume. There was no direct news from the company that could have caused such a ruckus. The stock price poked above the resistance at 20 cents per share amid the trading session and quickly rallied up over a comparatively short time frame. The trading volume was mostly concentrated at the beginning of the move - the...read more

Woulfe Mining Corp. Stock (CVE:WOF), (PINK:WFEMF) Jumps On a Strategic... January 06, 2011

After seeming to have been asleep at the $0.280 level, the shares of Woulfe Mining Corp. ( CVE:WOF ), (PINK:WFEMF) suddenly woke up, and they made this in proper style.  Yesterday, on the TSX Venture Exchange (CVE) not only did the price climb by 23%, but the trading volume was more than impressive too. The 6.5M turnover exceeded almost five times the average for the company, and made WOF one of the most demanded items on the CVE market. This jump was not unexpected. The high...read more