Westaim Corporation (The) (WED)

Company Overview

Westaim is a financial services holding company that invests directly and indirectly through acquisitions, joint ventures and other arrangements, with the objective of providing its shareholders with capital appreciation and real wealth preservation.


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Contact Information:

Business Address: 212 King Street
Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario
Mailing Address: Fifth Avenue Place
12th Floor, 425 - 1st Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
Phone: 416 203-2253
Email: jsarfin@westaim.com
Website: -

Company Details:

Market Cap: -
Year of Inc: May 07, 1996
Year Ends: December 31, 2012
Sector: -
Industry: financial services - insurance
Employees: -
CEO: -



The Westaim Corporation (TSE:WED) Decides To Sell Subsidiary May 02, 2012

The Westaim Corporation ( TSE:WED ) gaped up this morning after the company announced an agreement to sell their subsidiary. WED gaped up in the morning and held 7.35% in gains amid the session. The trading volume jumped significantly in the first half of the trading session, with 35.6 million shares traded, which is far beyond the daily average of 1.5 million. This could as well be an effect of manipulation by market makers but the company also had news which is affecting the general...read more

The Westaim Corporation (TSE:WED) (PINK:WEDXF) Stock Forms An Intriguing Pattern November 28, 2011

The Westaim Corporation ( TSE:WED ) (PINK:WEDXF) stock price is trying to force through short term resistance but had no success thus far. The only thing this stock did manage is to generate enormous trading volume. WED pushed 3.7% higher on Friday under a humongous trading volume of nearly 7.4 million, which was way above the average 615 thousand. With such a number the stock made it among the most active stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Westaim had no recent news thus the trading...read more

The Westaim Corporation (TSE:WED) (PINK:WEDXF) Collapses Out of the Blue August 09, 2011

The Westaim Corporation ( TSE:WED ) (PINK:WEDXF) saw their share price collapse out of the blue on Monday. WED had a trading volume of 8 million last Friday, which way above average 523 thousand and apparently should have indicated an impending price collapse. This Monday, share price crashed 8.8% below the established channel of 50-52 cents. The company had no recent news which could have caused the price to tank. Fundamentally, the business looks quite strong and thus the drop should...read more


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