Trueclaim Exploration Inc. (TRM)


Trueclaim Exploration, Inc. (CVE:TRM) (PINK:TRMNF) Starts Drawing Attention October 24, 2011

Trueclaim Exploration, Inc. ( CVE:TRM ) (PINK:TRMNF) was picked up by a stock promoter free of charge. The newsletter attempted to raise anticipation of the upcoming news. TRM lost 4% on Friday but stayed in its trading channel nonetheless. The stock didn't have anything interesting about its price performance lately. Still, the stock was picked up by and analyzed in one of their newsletters . The providers didn't receive any compensation for this. Their more

Trueclaim Exploration, Inc. (CVE:TRM) (PINK:TRMNF) Remains Unnoticed August 31, 2011

Last week, traders have seen several news reports coming from Trueclaim Exploration, Inc. ( CVE:TRM ) (PINK:TRMNF), along with promotional attempts that tried to make use of the situation. None of the public material had impact on the share price though. The stock price lost 8% yesterday and the overall performance shows it is ignoring the promotional surroundings. The company continues to be featured in newsletters published by The publisher didn't get more