Threegold Resources Inc. (THG)


Threegold Resources Inc. (CVE:THG) (PINK:TRLDF) Slips Back Down October 24, 2011

Threegold Resources Inc. ( CVE:THG ) (PINK:TRLDF) stock recorded heavy buying pressure on Friday with no apparent reason for it. The inflated price didn't last long. THG slipped nearly 7% lower shortly after the open on a simple correction. The stock had went up nearly 32% on Friday, on a morning spike likely caused by short squeezes. The sudden unprovoked increase in trading volume confirms this as well. The company had no recent news, thus such a price increase wasn't sustainable. more

Threegold Resources Inc. (CVE:THG), (PINK:TRLDF) Jumps on Volume Record February 22, 2011

During Friday's session, the shares of Threegold Resources Inc. ( CVE:THG ), (PINK:TRLDF) made a prominent performance on the TSX Venture Exchange (CVE). They were not only in great demand by investors, but jumped significantly in value too. This happens a few days after a strategic for the company deal was announced to the public. Friday's hero was, beyond doubt, the volume. On that day, more than 4.8M shares changed hands. This beats 8 times the average turnover and represents a more