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Torex Gold Resources Inc. Theratechnologies Inc.
Tethys Petroleum Limited The Futura Loyalty Group Inc.
Tiger Resources Limited Trillium North Minerals Ltd.
TAD Mineral Exploration Inc. Trevali Mining Corporation
TDb Split Corp. Terrex Energy Inc.
The North West Company Inc. Titanium Corporation Inc.
TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. TTM Resources Inc.
Tesla Exploration Ltd. Thor Explorations Ltd.
Top 10 Split Trust Troymet Exploration Corp.
Temex Resources Corp. TearLab Corporation
The Medipattern Corporation Tim Hortons Inc.
TrinCan Capital Corp. TAG Oil Ltd.
Themac Resources Group Limited Teryl Resources Corp.
Total Telcom Inc. TransCanada Corporation
Twoco Petroleums Ltd. T. Boone Pickens Energy Fund
Threegold Resources Inc. True North Gems Inc.
Temple Real Estate Investment Trust TeraGo Inc.
Theia Resources Ltd. Timbercreek Global Real Estate Fund
TriNorth Capital Inc. Tanzania Minerals Corp.
Teslin River Resources Corp. Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc.
Totally Hip Technologies Inc. Tree Island Wire Income Fund
Twyford Ventures Inc. Tahoe Resources Inc.
Thallion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Thunder Mountain Gold, Inc.
Toromont Industries Ltd. Trueclaim Exploration Inc.
Terrane Metals Corp. Teranga Gold Corporation