Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. (SSS)


Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. (CVE:SSS) (PINK:SCTPF) Stock Still Sits On Support May 23, 2011

Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. ( CVE:SSS ) (PINK:SCTPF) shares start another week in the same price channel despite the heavier than normal activity over the last two trading sessions. SSS lost 16.7% on Friday and the stock price remains pressed hard against support at 7.5 cents. Such a situation was challenged by a massive trading activity detected on Thursday, but it failed to carry on and didn't do much for the stock price either. The stock couldn't get out of the channel and more

Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. (CVE:SSS), (PINK:SCTPF) Stock Is Cured by a Stroke October 29, 2010

Yesterday, Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. ( CVE:SSS ), (PINK:SCTPF) stock was successfully cured by a stroke. The almost shocking 64.71% share price increase between the sessions signaled that the treatment of SSS was more than successful. The medical history of the company's shares and the following definitive remediation were confirmed by a volume of more than 7.7 million shares changing hands. On the American OTC Grey market, investors also appreciated the almost vertical turn up more