Sandstorm Metals & Energy Ltd. (SND)


Bulls Keep Fighting For Sandstorm Metals and Energy Ltd (CVE:SND) (PINK:STTYF) January 03, 2012

Sandstorm Metals and Energy Ltd ( CVE:SND ) (PINK:STTYF) attracted a massive trading volume on Friday as their price reached for another 52-week low. This time, however, it bounced support at 32.5 cents per share, which resulted in a small gap up on Tuesday. Sandstorm's stock gained 4.5% during the last trading session, but the resistance around 35 cents still held. The price was shaken up by huge volatility on Friday, which means bears didn't win this battle easily and there was more

Selling Pressure Continues for Sandstorm Metals & Energy Ltd. (CVE:SND)... May 17, 2011

Sandstorm Metals & Energy Ltd. ( CVE:SND ) (PINK:STTYF) depicted a noticeable increase in trading activity, but with the lack of catalyst failed to develop an appropriate price action. SND saw some heavy stock trading on Monday, when the volume was nearly 1.54 million, or 5.7 times the average of 268 thousand. Share price added only 4% on Monday though, thus the situation was controversial. Early into trading today the stock lost the gains from yesterday and the trading more