Romarco Minerals Inc. (R)


Romarco Minerals Inc. (TSE:R), (OTCMKTS:RTRAF) Publishes Report, Gets Analyst... August 01, 2014

On Wednesday Romarco Minerals Inc. (TRS:R), (OTCMKTS:RTRAF) published its new quarterly report for the period ended June 2014. The company was upgraded by several separate analyst firms on the following day.[BANNER] RBC Capital issued an update, upgrading Romarco from sector perform to outperform. The firm also upped its price target for the stock to C$1.25, up by C$0.25 from its old target. Here is what Romarco published in its quarterly report (in US dollars): $32.1 million in more

Ram Power Corp (TSE:RPG) (PINK:RAMPF) Share Price Continues To Push Up December 27, 2011

Ram Power Corp (TSE:RPG) (PINK:RAMPF) stock price added significant gains during the week before Christmas rewarding bulls without much explanation at first and drawing strength from a news announcement at the end of the week.  RPG stock price was going up non-stop for a whole last week and added 29.2% in total. The last trading session booked a 2.9 million trading volume and pushed the price to the resistance at 31 cent per share. The rally was quick however not very stable. more

Rio Novo Gold Inc (TSE:RN) (PINK:RIVVF) Bounces From The Bottom November 03, 2011

Rio Novo Gold Inc ( TSE:RN ) (PINK:RIVVF) attempted to spurt up from the recently hit bottom, but without any material developments or other news the rally doesn't seem very strong. RN stock price went up 17.1% on Wednesday carrying along a trading volume of 851 thousand. That marked one of few such heavy trading days, however, looking at the past performance, it doesn't bode anything special. Bulls could try to bring the share price up to its 50-day moving average which is more

Rubicon Minerals Corp. (TSE:RMX) (AMEX:RBY) Secures $70 Million Private... July 28, 2011

Rubicon Minerals Corp. ( TSE:RMX ) (AMEX:RBY) got traders excited today with an announcement of a significant private placement agreement. RMX gapped up 24% in the morning after the company announced $70 million strategic investment is at hand. The stock price continued to go up for half the trading session, adjusting the market price to account for would be improvement in fundamentals, but also hitting price levels which are slightly too high under the current situation. The more

Artek Exploration Ltd (TSE:RTK) (PINK:ARKXF) Springs Back Into Action May 31, 2011

Artek Exploration Ltd ( TSE:RTK ) (PINK:ARKXF) stock sprung back into action on Monday, recording a sturdy gain that marked the end of a consolidation period. RTK stock price bounced off the bottom after attempting to break below $1.90. In conclusion the stock jumped up 16.6% on Monday under a trading volume of 1.6 million, which was 8.2 times higher than the average of 196 thousand. This rally marked the end of a short consolidation period that followed the previous strong more

Huge Volume but No Price Action for Redknee Solutions Inc. (TSE:RKN)... May 26, 2011

Redknee Solutions Inc. ( TSE:RKN ) (PINK:RKNEF) probably got many traders excited when the stock showed off a massive trading volume this Wednesday. To a great disappointment though, it all ended without any real changes to the share price. RKN share price action formed a doji candle on Wednesday even though it carried an insane trading volume of 1.2 million, or 19 times larger than the average of 63 thousand. The price action doesn't seem adequate with such a volume, which only more

Ram Power Corp (TSE:RPG) (PINK:RAMPF) Discloses Pricing of Units Offering May 08, 2011

Ram Power Corp ( TSE:RPG ) (PINK:RAMPF) disclosed the pricing of a recent units offering as their share price continued to roll down with little retracements. The gap down on Thursday sent the stock another 17.5% lower and it stayed down till the end of the week. The 3.85 million in volume, registered for two days in a row, was nearly 5 times the average of 770 thousand. Such an activity also showed the distribution of shares among shareholders as predictions of the downtrend bottoming more

Ram Power Corp (TSE:RPG) (PINK:RAMPF) Stock Balances on the Verge of Breakdown April 28, 2011

Ram Power Corp ( TSE:RPG ) (PINK:RAMPF) stock price was shaken by recent news and currently trades near an important support level, looking to break down into a new multi-year low. RPG gapped down 16.85% yesterday on strong volume of 2.27 million, which was nearly 4 times the average. News was mixed lately, but this particular event was called out by a units offering disclosure made on April 26. The shares continued to decline in value after the company offered for sale $50 more

Rockgate Capital Corp. Stock (TSE:RGT) Still Trying to Recover After Japan's... April 01, 2011

The shares of Rockgate Capital Corp. ( TSE:RGT ) have a very contradictory performance on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) during the last trading sessions. As though this is a stock with two faces. One day - on Monday - it slumps by 20%; the very next day - on Tuesday - it goes 6.4% up on a record trading volume of over 12.4M shares changing hands. Yesterday's turnover surpassed eleven times the average for the company. The dubious behavior of the stock could be possibly explained more

Redzone Resources Ltd. (TSE:REZ) Goes Flat at the Top of Trading Channel February 25, 2011

Redzone Resources Ltd. ( TSE:REZ ) stock price approached the higher end of the trading channel that's been in play since their stock graduated to the Toronto Stock Exchange in June 2010. Apparently the stock doesn't have the necessary thrust to burst out of the established range - share price rally is choppy, meaning the buyers are scarce, and a lot of sell orders should be expected to sit at the top of the range. The upper part of the range is near the all-time price high for more

RS Technologies Inc. (TSE:RS), (PINK:RSSYF) Is Struggling to Survive February 14, 2011

It seems tough times are ahead for RS Technologies Inc. ( TSE:RS ), (PINK:RSSYF). The company experiences serious financial difficulties and is really struggling to survive. Last Friday, it suffered another heavy blow, this time from the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) officials. As a matter of fact, the shares of the company have been steadily declining for almost two years. Can you believe that in May 2009, RS was traded at $104 per share? This looks almost unthinkable in comparison more

Floods Cut Production Time for Rockwell Diamonds Inc. (TSE:RDI) (OTC:RDIAF) February 03, 2011

Rockwell Diamonds Inc. ( TSE:RDI ) (OTC:RDIAF) stock price lost nearly 10% of its value after the company reported their production will be adversely affected by heavy flooding. The company reported minor damage to their infrastructure at the Holpan and Klipdam mines, with no effect on the roads. This appears to be just a temporary setback, which should be dealt with quickly and production will resume at normal capacities as soon as the damp gravel dries out. The event caused more

Has Rutter Inc. (TSE:RUT), (PINK:RUTFF) Stock Begun Its Rebound? January 27, 2011

Is Rutter Inc. stock ( TSE:RUT ), (PINK:RUTFF) back on track? It looks so, judging by the last two sessions on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE). Having lost about 54% for a one-year period, RUT is now gaining strength again. Since Tuesday, the shares have gone over 44% up. Yesterday, the jump was confirmed by a very huge trading volume - a record for the last two years and  beating 17 times the average for the company. This looks like the start of a rebound for the stock and comes more

RS Technologies Inc. (TSE:RS), (PINK:RSSYF) Stock May Overcome The Ice Storm November 02, 2010

Today, RS Technologies Inc. ( TSE:RS ), (PINK:RSSYF) stock proved that it may overcome the ice storm of the lasting downtrend. RS opened the market with a 100% price explosion as a response to the recent vital and optimistic news from the company. Last Tuesday, RS stock recorded its next in row 50% decline. The following trading sessions passed without a change in the share price. Yesterday, the trading volume of more than 26 million shares was again accompanied by the price level more

RS Technologies Inc. (TSE:RS), (PINK:RSSYF) Stock Accelerated On Accelerated... October 15, 2010

RS Technologies Inc. ( TSE:RS ), (PINK:RSSYF) stock was again accelerated on the next in row piece of news on the company's convertible debentures. Yesterday, the shares of RS Technologies Inc. surged 50% up. The volume traded was more than 13.75 million shares and was the highest for the past decade, excluding the 14.70 million shares that changed hands in September when RS stock lost 16.67% of its value. Two weeks ago, the securities of RS Technologies Inc. almost collapsed, hitting more