Prophecy Coal Corp. (PCY)


Prophecy Resource Corp. Stock (CVE:PCY), (PINK:PRPCF) Is This the End of the... March 14, 2011

It is hardly possible to be always in top shape. Sometimes, after reaching new highs, you need to rest a bit, to gain strength and prepare for your next win. In other cases, you have to fight and struggle - just to defend what you have achieved and avoid losing. For some days, the shares of Prophecy Resource Corp. ( CVE:PCY ), (PINK:PRPCF) have been on the downfall on the Canadian Market. Since Last Tuesday, PCY has lost about 15% of its value. There are no newly released more

Prophecy Resource Corp. (CVE:PCY), (PINK:PRPCF) Stock Makes the Upward... November 12, 2010

Following yesterday's announcing of the final permit for mining operations at the company's Ulaan Ovoo coal mining project in Mongolia, Prophecy Resource Corp. ( CVE:PCY ), (PINK:PRPCF) stock made the opening ceremony for its at least mid-term upward move. Yesterday, on the TSX Venture Exchange PCY soared 15.85% between the sessions. The huge demand for the shares made a quadruplicated average trading volume of more than 4.5 million shares. During the official opening of PCY more