PMI Gold Corporation (PMV)


PMI Gold Corporation (CVE:PMV) (PINK:PMVGF) Stock Rides a Technical Breakout November 17, 2011

PMI Gold Corporation ( CVE:PMV ) (PINK:PMVGF) stock price is on a breakout and could be going for a couple of sessions. PMV had a substantial price surge yesterday but left longs disappointed as the quick profit taking put a stop to at the end of the day. The stock still added 4.7% during the session under a significant trading volume of 2 million, which was twice the 90-day average. PMI stock price technically broke out the day before and this appreciation was just a follow-up, more

PMI Gold Corporation (CVE:PMV) (PINK:PMVGF) Stock Is Settling Down October 19, 2011

PMI Gold Corporation ( CVE:PMV ) (PINK:PMVGF) nearly doubled in price over the past three days and continues to gain more upper ground supported by a recent fundamental improvement. Initially, PMV stock price shot up 60% on Friday after the company announced their gold resources to have nearly tripled on Obotan Gold Project in Ghana. Following the 270% increase, the company should now have 1.22 million ounces of measured, 2.00 million ounces of indicated and 1.29 million ounces more

PMI Gold Corporation (CVE:PMV) (PINK:PMVGF) Winning Streak Is About to End? May 28, 2011

PMI Gold Corporation ( CVE:PMV ) (PINK:PMVGF) had the price in uptrend most of the week, ending Friday's trading session with a large gain. However, clouds are already gathering on the buyers' horizon. PMV stock price added 11% more on Friday and further extended the rally that developed over the week. Trading volume went down though and was only 240 thousand - below the average of 462 thousand. The drop in volume and the comparatively large scale move up over the last trading more