PharmaGap Inc. (GAP)

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PharmaGap Inc. (CVE:GAP) (PINK:PHRGF) Board Votes In Favor of Licensing Deal May 25, 2012

PharmaGap Inc. ( CVE:GAP ) (PINK:PHRGF) stock price acted very bullishly after the board of directors decided to license their product development to another company. GAP share price jumped up 40% during the day, although it wasn't because of common traders. The trading wasn't intense but the volume of shares that changed hands was quite impressive. 1.9 million shares were traded, which is 9 times heavier than the average turnover of 218 thousand. The buying also pushed the stock more

PharmaGap Inc. (CVE:GAP) (PINK:PHRGF) Keeps A Steady Course May 05, 2011

PharmaGap Inc. ( CVE:GAP ) (PINK:PHRGF) share price remains on a slow and steady uptrend ignoring the two important recent news announcements. Activity in GAP had gone up yesterday when the trading volume topped 2 million and was nearly 5 times the average of 415 thousand. The same didn't happen with the price though. The stock continues to climb up, albeit in a distorted manner reminding of the volatility and liquidity issues. Recent positive news on company's research didn't more

Intriguing Drug Potential Sets Share Price Higher for PharmaGap Inc.... April 19, 2011

PharmaGap Inc. ( CVE:GAP ) (PINK:PHRGF) broke the established downtrend after bouncing up on a huge trading volume on Monday. The effect was caused by an announcement of positive results from in vivo preclinical testing at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. The company attempts to create a peptide formulation based drug to cure ovarian cancer. The substance called GAP-107B8 proved to be able to reduce tumour burden by 19% and suppress ascites formation by 73% compared to the more

PharmaGap Inc. (CVE:GAP) Prospects Built Up, Developments Yet To Come May 18, 2010

PharmaGap Inc. ( CVE:GAP ) had another market reaction to its anti-cancer drug development efforts, and yet to come, is the possible fade out as the FDA approval doesn't happen overnight. The stock was picking up investors interest after the company fully confirmed their drug works in the tube. The $15 million market cap it has put up afterwards might have happened too soon though as milestones to be achieved are still far away on the time line. The market was stirred when the more