PetroMagdalena Energy Corp. (PMD)


PetroMagdalena Energy Corp. (CVE:PMD) (PINK:ALNJF) Stock Twitches Higher June 27, 2012

PetroMagdalena Energy Corp. ( CVE:PMD ) (PINK:ALNJF) stock price inched a little higher as the company get one more step closer to actual sale of business. PMD gained 0.64%on Tuesday under extraordinary trading volume of 2.4 million, which was more than 3 times heavier than normal. Considering previous similar price twitches it is very likely the stock will drop in price over the next trading session. Traders got exited after PetroMagdalena announced to have received an interim more

PetroMagdalena Energy Corp (CVE:PMD) (PINK:ALNGD) Stock Price Flatlines June 12, 2012

PetroMagdalena Energy Corp ( CVE:PMD ) (PINK:ALNGD) stopped showing any signs of life after the company's management approved of the sale of business. A stock that's been so volatile over the whole month of May has now fallen totally silent. Half the usual daily activity still takes place but that looks like a low scale redistribution of shares and doesn't affect the price in any way. A straight line has been recording for a week now. On June 5 PetroMagdalena announced that the more

Operational Update Moves PetroMagadalena Energy Corp (CVE:PMD) (PINK:ALNGD)... November 01, 2011

PetroMagadalena Energy Corp ( CVE:PMD ) (PINK:ALNGD) stock recorded very high buying pressure over the past couple days resulting from the announced operational update. PMD stock price rose 44% since Friday, October 29. Trading volume continues to be very high - it reached 1.6 million on Monday and was 7 times above the average of 242.5 thousand. However, these huge and fast increases in the share price are probably announcing the upcoming end for the uptrend lasting from the more