Oil and gas - oil and gas producers companies

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Bankers Petroleum Ltd. Connacher Oil and Gas Limited
Cequence Energy Ltd. Open Range Energy Corp.
Delphi Energy Corp. Fairborne Energy Ltd.
Antrim Energy Inc. BNK Petroleum Inc.
Anderson Energy Ltd. Tethys Petroleum Limited
Sonde Resources Corp. Caspian Energy Inc.
Chinook Energy Inc. Condor Petroleum Inc.
Bengal Energy Ltd. WesternZagros Resources Ltd.
Iona Energy Inc. Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Petro Vista Energy Corp. Enerplus Corporation
Dundee Energy Limited Greenlight Resources Inc.
Crew Energy Inc. Vecta Energy Corporation
Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. Bolivar Energy Corp.
Cenovus Energy Inc. Sahara Energy Ltd.
Gran Tierra Exchangeco Inc. Parallel Energy Trust
Angle Energy Inc. Twin Butte Energy Ltd.
Canadian Oil Sands Limited Primary Petroleum Corporation
Equal Energy Ltd. PetroBakken Energy Ltd.
Bonavista Energy Corporation Hermes Financial Inc.
DeeThree Exploration Ltd. Canadian Energy Exploration Inc.
Storm Resources Ltd. Harvest Operations Corp.
WestFire Energy Ltd. Candax Energy Inc.
Relentless Resources Ltd. Exall Energy Corporation
Skope Energy Inc. Bonterra Energy Corp.
Mountainview Energy Ltd. Wrangler West Energy Corp.