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First Lithium Resources Inc. (CVE:MCI) (PINK:FLNTF) Sees Humongous Buying... May 11, 2011

First Lithium Resources Inc. ( CVE:MCI ) (PINK:FLNTF) spiked up significantly yesterday despite the lack of catalyst to drive the rally. MCI share price gained 62.5% yesterday on a trading volume that topped 11 million and was nearly 14 times the average of 747 thousand. The stock passed an important resistance at 16 cents, which helped to accelerate the rally. No news was out to trigger the rally, so it was most likely fueled by short squeezes, which later grew to take out more

First Lithium Resources Inc. (CVE:MCI) (PINK:FLNTF) Price Action Is Losing... May 02, 2011

First Lithium Resources Inc. ( CVE:MCI ) (PINK:FLNTF) gained another 8.7% halfway into trading session today following the massive advance from Friday. The stock ended the last week with a 21% premium, trading more than 6.58 million shares in a day, easily surpassing the 516 thousand average. The move was influenced by news and can be assigned to the general volatility though, providing little predictability for further price action. On a technical note, the price did broke the more