Majestic Gold Corp. (MJS)


Majestic Gold Corp (CVE:MJS) (PINK:MJGCF) Continues Uptrending Without News March 07, 2012

Majestic Gold Corp ( CVE:MJS ) (PINK:MJGCF) stock price shot up on heavy volume despite the lack of news. The move could continue because of a possible interest from traders who get this stock on their technical market screens. On Wednesday MJS hit a new 52-week high of 24 cents per share. The price went much closer to its multiyear high of 28.5 cents per share. What can create another buying wave is the fact that MJS got listed, by several sources, among the most actively traded more

Majestic Gold Corp. Stock (CVE:MJS), (PINK:MJGCF) Is Up on Promotions April 19, 2011

Seeing the stock price slipping more than 47% since February, the managers of Majestic Gold Corp. ( CVE:MJS ), (PINK:MJGCF) decided to undertake measures against this unpleasant trend. They tried to boost the shares with two paid promotions yesterday. So far, there is a result from the advertising activity and the stock advanced on the markets. Though, it is not clear whether the positive promotional effect will last in the long run, or it will be just temporary. During the last more

Majestic Gold Corp. (CVE:MJS), (PINK:MJGCF) Stock Cooled Off After the Big Jump January 26, 2011

Tuesday was maybe a back-to-reality day for the stock of Majestic Gold Corp. ( CVE:MJS ), (PINK:MJGCF). It put an end to the recent appreciation of the company's shares. A news release from Monday related to Majestic's main project in China allowed MJS to jump the same day by over 17% on the Canadian Venture Exchange (CVE). It appeared, however, that the surge did not last for long. Yesterday, the stock retreated 12%, showing that investor enthusiasm had already dried out. RSI more

How Long Majestic Gold Corp. (CVE:MJS), (PINK:MJGCF) Stock May Be Rushed On... October 22, 2010

This week was a fertile period for Majestic Gold Corp. ( CVE:MJS ), ( PINK:MJGCF ) stock. On the company's news about the revised and updated resource estimates on the Song Jiagou Mine, the shares gathered a momentum and flew up to the sky yesterday. Yesterday, MJS stock succeeded to rise by only 16.67%, which was not as much as the 36% price explosion in a day at the end of last month. As opposed to the modest volume traded then, this time the upward move was hammered by 5.4 more