Largo Resources Ltd. (LGO)

Company Overview

Largo Resources is a company concentrated on creating shareholder value through developing exploration properties and acquiring undervalued mining assets throughout the Americas.


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Contact Information:

Business Address: 55 University Avenue
Suite 1101
Toronto, ON
M5J 2H7
Mailing Address: 55 University Avenue
Suite 1101
Toronto, ON
M5J 2H7
Phone: 416 861-9797
Website: -

Company Details:

Market Cap: -
Year of Inc: April 18, 1988
Year Ends: December 31, 2012
Sector: -
Industry: junior natural resource - mining
Employees: -
CEO: -


Largo Resources Ltd. (CVE:LGO) (PINK:LGORF) Dwells Around 52-week Lows June 29, 2012

Largo Resources Ltd. ( CVE:LGO ) (PINK:LGORF) stock price tanked to its yearly lows but had no catalyst to continue past the point of support. LGO dropped to its 52-week low at 22 cents per share on Thursday. The stock price was even lower a couple of years back so a further drop would not be surprising. It could use the support zones though. 20 cents per share looks like a reasonable safety net if the price tanks further down. The downtrend seems to be easing off right now with 50 more

Largo Resources Ltd. (CVE:LGO) (PINK:LGORF) Stock Price Keeps Going Up November 11, 2011

Largo Resources Ltd. ( CVE:LGO ) (PINK:LGORF) stock price added significant value after the company announced progress related to the would-be development of their vanadium property. LGO stock price jumped up 11.5% on Thursday following the breakout above 30 cents per share resistance. The accompanying trading volume was 900 thousand, more than twice the average of 412 thousand. This spike in price was caused by news event and thus has merit to continue. On Wednesday, November 9, more

Largo Resources Ltd. (CVE:LGO) (PINK:LGORF) Tumbles Down Along With The Market March 15, 2011

Largo Resources Ltd. ( CVE:LGO ) (PINK:LGORF) stock value continues to melt away since the price topped out roughly 1.5 month ago upon hitting a new 52-week high. The recent news included a few notable highlights but had more of a negative impact on the share price, which tanked roughly 10% over the past 3 days. The stock was also influences by the general weakness of the market, caused by a post-earthquake crisis in Japan. Focusing more on the inside developments of Largo, the more


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