Healthpricer Interactive Limited (HPC)

Company Overview

This is a major online advertising and promotion company, previously dedicated to one Internet search category: health. HealthPricer is an independent, award-winning product finder and comparison shopping site that is aimed to help you find the best healthcare products from trusted merchants online.


To see the headquarters in Google Street View &trade, drag this yellow guy: over to the red pointer:

Contact Information:

Business Address: 704 - 595 Howe Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6C 2T5
Mailing Address: 502 - 595 Howe Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6C 2T5
Phone: 604 301-0221
Website: -

Company Details:

Market Cap: -
Year of Inc: July 26, 2000
Year Ends: March 31, 2012
Sector: -
Industry: other
Employees: -
CEO: -


HealthPricer Interactive Limited (CVE:HPC) Erupted Out of Nowhere May 28, 2011

HealthPricer Interactive Limited. You will remember this company. Especially after a session like Friday's. The stock of HealthPricer made an amazing impression yesterday and was one of the main heroes on the TSX Venture Exchange (CVE). The peculiar thing is that there is nothing to explain the sudden eruption of ( CVE:HPC ). Both the price and the volume made a gigantic move upwards. HPC added two thirds to its value, climbing to $0.025 at the end of the day. The turnover noted more


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