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Horn Petroleum Corp (CVE:HRN) (PINK:HPMCF) Price Breaks Out of Consolidation May 25, 2012

Horn Petroleum Corp (CVE:HRN) (PINK:HPMCF) stock price regained some ground after the company decided to do a private placement. HRN share price gained 36% on Thursday as the price climbed up in a steady manner. The trading volume was 2.2 million, nearly three times heavier than the daily average of 824 thousand. The end of day trading activity suggests a bullish follow up is likely to happen. It was the first time in more than a week that the share price showed a seriously bullish...read more

Horn Petroleum Corp (CVE:HRN) (PINK:HPMCF) Finds Oil In Africa May 15, 2012

Horn Petroleum Corp (CVE:HRN) (PINK:HPMCF) stock price shot up after the company declared to have found oil on their Somalian property. HRN stock price added 35.2% on Monday in reaction to the news. The acompanying trading volume was 4.2 million, significantly above the average turnover of 622 thousand. the copmany announced on May 14, they have found oil while drilling the Shabeel-1 well in Putland, Somalia. Horn works as an operator on the property co-owner by Red Emperor Resources...read more

Happy Creek Minerals Ltd. (CVE:HPY) (PINK:HPYCF) Tanks Heavily April 10, 2012

Happy Creek Minerals Ltd. ( CVE:HPY ) (PINK:HPYCF) stock price rolled down under the weight of a technical pattern and the increased volatility is attracting traders. HPY had tanked 18.7% amid the trading session despite the fact there was no news that could have been the cause. The price move pulled in a massive interest from traders generating 1.11 million in trading volume over just half the session. This was 12.5 times heavier than the daily average of 88.6 thousand. The stock price...read more

Traders of Hana Mining Ltd (CVE:HMG) (PINK:HNMFF) Feel The Heat March 27, 2012

Hana Mining Ltd ( CVE:HMG ) (PINK:HNMFF) stock price action got wild after the company decided to cancel a significant portion of stock options. HMG is up nearly 16% this morning as traders reacted to the recent news on stock options incentive. A blackout in information was announced by the management until further notice, which also meant the options to purchase 2.7 million common shares, which were granted on February 27, got cancelled. These options should've been granted to officers...read more

Horn Petroleum Corporation (CVE:HRN) (PINK:HPMCF) Is Still Going For New Highs March 20, 2012

Horn Petroleum Corporation (CVE:HRN) (PINK:HPMCF) hit another yearly high after the company fed the market with a pretty much meaningless update. On Monday, HRN reached another 52-week high and ended up with a 14.8% price gain. The accompanying trading volume was 1.8 million. Although significantly higher than the average of 381 thousand it still didn't stand out too much from the recent activity. The stock has a strong uptrend in place since the beginning of March and the trading activity...read more

Horn Petroleum Corporation (CVE:HRN) (PINK:HPMCF) Hits New Highs Despite... March 13, 2012

Horn Petroleum Corporation (CVE:HRN) (PINK:HPMCF) stock price hit a new high as traders anticipate the company to find oil. HRN hit a 52-week high of $1.31 during Monday's trading session and closed at $1.30 suggesting a technical possibility of a further price rally. The price move was accompanied by a heavy trading volume of 2.6 million, which was nearly 10 times heavier than the 90 day average activity and also the heaviest daily volume recorded over the past year. The stock is...read more

Hana Mining Ltd (CVE:HMG) (PINK:HNMFF) Fundraising Plans Are Met Controversaly January 27, 2012

Hana Mining Ltd ( CVE:HMG ) (PINK:HNMFF) added 5.5% to its share price on Thursday after a very volatile trading day. The daily trading volume of 4 million clearly showed how tense the situation has become and the number of shares traded continues to increase every session. HMG average turnover is only 578 thousand, thus the current situation is clearly extraordinary. The most recent price surge was a direct response to the company's recent plans for financing. On January 26, Hana...read more

Habanero Resources Inc. (CVE:HAO) (PINK:HBNRF) Mysteriously Gaps Up December 01, 2011

Habanero Resources Inc. ( CVE:HAO ) (PINK:HBNRF) spurt up on Wednesday but ended the session with only minor gain as no clear reasons for buying surfaced. HAO gapped up 5.9% but ended the session at the same price it started. The accompanying trading volume looks promising at 4.8 million, which is 7 times the average of 687 thousand. If it decides to go higher, the price would encounter resistance at the 200-day moving average which currently stands at 9.5 cents per share. Habanero...read more

Hodgins Auctioneers Inc. (CVE:HA) (PINK:HAFIF) Promotes Quarterly Results December 01, 2011

Hodgins Auctioneers Inc. ( CVE:HA ) (PINK:HAFIF) started attracting attention after publishing the Q3 results and decided to spice things up with a paid promotion. The stock price increased nearly 42% on Wednesday. The daily trading volume was 30 thousand, way above the average as excessive interest from traders built up in response to HA third quarter operating results. The price still didn't step out of its trading channel though, and the humongous increase in value was in the range of...read more

Habanero Resources Inc. (CVE:HAO) (PINK:HBNRF) Buys New Property October 11, 2011

Habanero Resources Inc. ( CVE:HAO ) (PINK:HBNRF) share price gained significant 16.7% on Friday under a heavy trading volume as a reaction to a new property purchase. Habanero announced on October 07, 2011 the company acquired Grande-Vallee North aluminous clay prospect near Murdochville in Quebec. A technical report and other disclosures obtained suggest the deposit has a density of 2 tons per cubic meter with 800 million to 1 billion tons of indicated mineral resources at the depths of...read more

Hellix Ventures Inc. (CVE:HEL) (PINK:HLLXF) Stock Hits New Multiyear High September 09, 2011

Hellix Ventures Inc. ( CVE:HEL ) (PINK:HLLXF) share price hit a new multi-year high on Thursday, however, the management confirmed it was a purely technical breakout with no fundamental backbone to it. HEL stock added 63.3% during the latest session, carrying along a trading volume of 199 thousand that was 3.4 times heavier than the average 58 thousand. The stock even got halted for half the trading session until management comments were available. The company released a public notion...read more

Improving H2O Innovation Inc. (CVE:HEO) (PINK:HEIFF) Finally Gets More Attention June 20, 2011

H2O Innovation Inc. ( CVE:HEO ) (PINK:HEIFF) share price technically broke out, drawing traders attention to the otherwise vaguely trading stock. On Friday, HEO broke above the trading channel that's been in play since February this year. The 6.5% price move was accompanied by a colossal trading volume of 3.7 million shares, which was 20 times more than the average of 177 thousand. The company had no recent news though, so the move was associated with the general price volatility and a...read more

Habanero Resources Inc. (CVE:HAO) (PINK:PTAXF) Stock Encouraged to Go Up June 17, 2011

Habanero Resources Inc. ( CVE:HAO ) (PINK:PTAXF) had the trading volume cranked up recently, but it didn't resonate with the generally volatile price action. The news that was out might turn the tide though. HAO share price remains at the 12.5 cents support, though the volume dropped from nearly 2 million on Wednesday and didn't even top the average on Thursday. This bodes well for the bulls. Even if support is broken there's another one at 11 cents, so there's not so much downside. In...read more

HealthPricer Interactive Limited (CVE:HPC) Erupted Out of Nowhere May 28, 2011

HealthPricer Interactive Limited. You will remember this company. Especially after a session like Friday's. The stock of HealthPricer made an amazing impression yesterday and was one of the main heroes on the TSX Venture Exchange (CVE). The peculiar thing is that there is nothing to explain the sudden eruption of ( CVE:HPC ). Both the price and the volume made a gigantic move upwards. HPC added two thirds to its value, climbing to $0.025 at the end of the day. The turnover noted a...read more

Happy Creek Minerals Ltd. (CVE:HPY) (PINK:HPYCF) Sees Record Trading Volume May 25, 2011

Happy Creek Minerals Ltd. ( CVE:HPY ) (PINK:HPYCF) hit the screens after showing off astounding trading activity, but the action didn't lead to anything spectacular pricewise. HPY stock plummeted 10% before the weekend, continuing the streak of losses. The price action didn't stand out much though as the stock is of very volatile nature in general. The trading activity was spectacular though - 2.9 million shares traded hands on Friday. It was 22 times larger than the 90-day average of...read more

High-grade Gold Results Made the Shares of Hunt Mining Corp. (CVE:HMX),... May 09, 2011

The illiquid stock of Hunt Mining Corp. ( CVE:HMX ), (PINK:HMXZF) finally got noticed by traders. In the end of last week, it enjoyed a quite remarkable performance on two markets. The shares marked several records after investors' attention arose due to gold mineralization recovery on one of the company's properties. The disclosed assay results were from the ongoing diamond core drilling program at the La Josefina Project in Argentina. Thursday's announcement confirmed the "high-grade gold...read more

The New Habanero Resources Inc. (CVE:HAO) (PINK:HBNRF) Work Plan Means... May 02, 2011

Habanero Resources Inc. ( CVE:HAO ) (PINK:HBNRF) returned to the casual low liquidity trading after it was shortly shaken by news on the would be start of a drilling program. HAO stock attracted a heavy trading volume of over 4 million on Friday, yet the price didn't react to this jump. News published the same day said that the company contracted Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd. to oversee their 2011 drill program in the Yukon Territory. Habanero plans to spend $800 thousand on...read more

Hathor Exploration Limited Stock (CVE:HAT), (PINK:HTHXF) One of the Unlucky... March 15, 2011

We cannot fight against nature, against the disasters that it sometimes pours onto us. In many occasions, the only thing we can do is minimize the losses and try to recover as soon as possible. Certainly, the recent earthquake in Japan is an enormous natural disaster. Surely, long time will be required until people and companies manage to recover fully from the consequences of this horrific cataclysm. Uranium companies worldwide are also among the victims of Japan's disaster. As a whole,...read more

Harte Gold Corp (CVE:HRT), (PINK:HRTFF) Stock Moves with a Delay December 15, 2010

Today, Harte Gold Corp ( CVE:HRT ), (PINK:HRTFF) stock opened the trading session with a price soar in order to cope with the delay on the recent company's release of the latest drill results from the new Wolf Zone gold discovery. During yesterday' s trading session, as opposed to all expectations on the above mentioned news, HRT returned back 33% on a heavy volume traded of 13.44 million shares. The shares of Harte Gold Corp closed the market at $0.61, bringing the trading range back...read more

Hudson Resources Inc. (CVE:HUD), (PINK:HUDRF ) Stock Aims At The Huge Rush October 19, 2010

Yesterday, Hudson Resources Inc. ( CVE:HUD ), (PINK:HUDRF ) stock formed a gap on its price chart, as if it aims at the second for this year huge rush. HUD shares entered the market yesterday by overcoming the psychological limit of $1 per share. Between the sessions, HUD surged 23.16% up, closing at $1.17. The volume traded also confirmed the strong prevail of the buyers. During the trading session, the share turnover was more than six and a half times the average volume for the...read more