Great Panther Silver Limited (GPR)


Great Panther Silver Limited (TSE:GPR) (AMEX:GPL) Gets Downgraded. One... October 07, 2011

Great Panther Silver Limited ( TSE:GPR ) (AMEX:GPL) stock got downgraded just before the trading session today. To make it more confusing, preceding the downgrade a newsletter came out prompting to take a look at the impressive past performance of GPR. GPR stock got downgraded by from buy to hold. The key weaknesses mentioned as a reason include weak operating cash flow and poor return on equity. This has put the efforts of another party in an awkward position. The more

Great Panther Silver Limited (TSE:GPR) Stock Enjoys Promoters' Attention Again March 22, 2011

When you are smart enough, when you are doing the right thing and have a huge success, there is no way you remain unnoticed. After all, who does not love winners? The shares of Great Panther Silver Limited ( TSE:GPR ) made a great impression over the last 1.5 years on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE). Back in early September 2009, the stock was worth no more than $0.70. It was then, when Great Panther grabbed for the first time the attention of the well-known newsletter. more

Great Panther Silver Limited (PINK:GPRLF), (TSE:GPR) Stock Climbs Up Like... September 13, 2010

These days, Great Panther Silver Limited ( PINK:GPRLF ), (TSE:GPR) stock climbs up like hunting a wildcat. The new discovery at 590 meters depth in the Guanajuato mine opened the door for an almost constant gain of company's shares. Both markets, the American and the Canadian one, appreciated the price soar with a higher than the average trading volume. On the Toronto Stock Exchange, GPR climbs up since the end of August. In the middle of the month, GPR stock was traded in the range more