Gold Bullion Development Corp. (GBB)


Are the Bad Days Over for Gold Bullion Development Corp. Stock (CVE:GBB),... April 08, 2011

After slipping throughout most of the current year, the shares of Gold Bullion Development Corp. ( CVE:GBB), (PINK:GBBFF ) have started to gain ground on the TSX Venture Exchange over the last week. Yesterday, the advance of the stock was even more noticeable, confirmed by the large turnover. Are the bad days over for the shares? Still too early to say. During the last session, GBB made one of its largest jumps on the Canadian market (CVE) this year. The stock added 17.2% to its value, more

Gold Bullion Development Corp. Stock (CVE:GBB), (PINK:GBBFF) Is in Retreat March 08, 2011

There are times, when no matter what you do and what you try, simply nothing goes your way. Your efforts seem to be in vain. However, this should not make you feel discouraged or desperate. In this dynamic and unpredictable world, things can always turn around, sometimes when you least expect it. This sounds very much true for the stock exchanges - hardly could you find anything more dynamic and unpredictable than these markets. Huge jumps are often followed by deep falls and vice more

Gold Bullion Development Corporation (CVE:GBB), (PINK:GBBFF) Stock Adds More... September 01, 2010

Yesterday, Gold Bullion Development Corporation ( CVE:GBB ), (PINK:GBBFF) stock added more gold to its value on the company's news about expanding the Long Bars Zone Eastern Extension. GBB stock closed the market at $0.580 on a heavy volume. During the session, more than 1.3 million shares changed hands. The share price jump of 9.43% confirmed even more the investors' appreciation of the latest company's update, published on GBB web site parallel to the above mentioned release. more

Crazy Price Rally Burning Out - Gold Bullion Development Corporation (CVE:GBB) April 23, 2010

Gold Bullion Development Corporation ( CVE:GBB ) is up 1100% for the year and this Canadian stock 's price rally appears to be approaching its limit. Traders who have been in the stock from the start probably calculated a solid gain by now and those considering entering based on further appreciation prospects are scared to witness a major correction. While the price added another 2.8% on Thursday, an attempt to reach a new high looks vague as the trading volume is tapering off. That more