Global Hunter Corp. (BOB)


Global Hunter Corp. (CVE:BOB) (PINK:GBLHF) Allowed to Extend Warrants... December 02, 2011

Global Hunter Corp. ( CVE:BOB ) (PINK:GBLHF) attracted tremendous interest from traders after the company extended the expiration date of some warrants. BOB stock price jumped up 12.5% on Thursday under a very significant trading volume of 1.95 million. It was more than 10 times the average of 184 thousand and stood out as one of the heaviest trading volumes recorded over a year. The reason for the increased buying pressure might be related to the news release the company published more

Global Hunter Corp. (CVE:BOB) (PINK:GBLHF) Gets Active After the Promotions October 12, 2011

Global Hunter Corp. ( CVE:BOB ) (PINK:GBLHF) stock saw a serious buying pressure on Monday, all due to promotional newsletters and a favorable technical situation. At least three newsletters have been promoting BOB since yesterday. The amount paid for these services was $60 thousand. and Wall Street Grand LLC were the main promoters, and the latter one was also described as a paying party by Lebed. The newsletters already had some effect - the usually illiquid BOB more

Global Hunter Corp. Stock (CVE:BOB), (PINK:GBLHF) Goes Up May 25, 2011

Yesterday's session was a hot one for the stock of Global Hunter Corp. The shares ( CVE:BOB ), (PINK:GBLHF) went steadily up, supported by the large volume too. Something must have provoked such a performance, but there was no official news issued by the corporation. Maybe, speculative reasons made the stock come closer to its 52-week high of $0.175 that was set back in November. On Tuesday, BOB climbed by 12.5% and ended the session at $0.135. This represents 77% of the more