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Utility Corp. DDJ High Yield Fund
Canadian Income Management Inc. Advantaged Canadian High Yield Bond Fund
EnerVest Energy and Oil Sands Total Return Trust Sentry Select Primary Metals Corp.
CMP Gold Trust Gendis Inc.
Australian Banc Capital Securities Trust Top 10 Split Trust
Copernican World Banks Split Inc. Investment Grade Trust
Dacha Strategic Metals Inc. Dividend Select 15 Corp.
R Split III Corp. Central Fund of Canada Limited
INDEXPLUS Dividend Fund First Asset Pipes & Power Income Fund
T. Boone Pickens Energy Fund Connor, Clark & Lunn Real Return Income Fund
High Yield & Mortgage Plus Trust Canaccord Financial Inc.
MINT Income Fund Canadian World Fund Limited
Financial Preferred Securities Corporation Skylon International Advantage Yield Trust
ENERGY INDEXPLUS Dividend Fund Gold Participation and Income Fund
Brompton Split Banc Corp. Utility Split Trust
Deans Knight Income Corporation M Split Corp.
Australian Banc Income Fund Faircourt Gold Income Corp.
Signature Diversified Value Trust Commerce Split Corp.
Salida Wealth Preservation (Listed) Fund Global Banks Premium Income Trust
Big 8 Split Inc. Uranium Focused Energy Fund
Copernican World Financial Infrastructure Trust Greencastle Resources Ltd.
DPF India Opportunities Fund Ridgewood Canadian Investment Grade Bond Fund
CI Financial Corp. ING Floating Rate Senior Loan Fund
First Asset REIT Income Fund Alaris Royalty Corp.
TDb Split Corp. Convertible & Yield Advantage Trust