First Nickel Inc. (FNI)


First Nickel Inc. Stock (TSE:FNI), (PINK:FNKLF) Gets Stirred by Financial News May 20, 2011

This week is rich in developments regarding First Nickel Inc. ( TSE:FNI ), (PINK:FNKLF). The company released a $2M flow-through private placement, together with its Annual Information Form for 2010. Investors were partially stirred by the announcements as is evident from yesterday's session on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The trading volume was large - beating 4.5 times the average for the company. FNI went 6.67% up on a turnover of 2.1M shares. In the end of the day, the stock stopped more

First Nickel Inc. (TSE:FNI), (PINK:FNKLF) Is Flying with a New High on a... February 08, 2011

For two days, the stock of First Nickel Inc. ( TSE:FNI ), (PINK:FNKLF) has started to fly north on the charts. What is more, it is doing it with some style and class. Need a proof? Then take a look at yesterday's session on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE). FNI set two records - an unseen turnover of 14.6M shares and a 2-year high of $0.215. Since Friday, the stock has jumped by 38%. However, things are not as bright and simple as they seem. If we analyse more deeply the more

First Nickel Inc. (TSE:FNI), (PINK:FNKLF) Stock Adds More Value October 11, 2010

Since the end of September, First Nickel Inc. ( TSE:FNI ), (PINK:FNKLF) stock moves constantly upwards. Two main factors convinced investors to raise the demand for FNI shares. The last negative price change of FNI stock was two weeks ago. Up to date, the shares of First Nickel Inc. have added 58% to their value. Only during the trading session on Friday FNI stock gained 25%, equal to the 25% nickel content in the five-cent US nickel coin (Nickels). As opposed to the more