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Formation Metals Inc. (TSE:FCO) (PINK:FMEWF) Shoots Up Tired of the Downtrend November 03, 2011

Formation Metals Inc. ( TSE:FCO ) (PINK:FMEWF) stock has popped up significantly for technical reasons and could be of interest to risk prone bulls.  FCO added 33.3% in stock value on Wednesday. The stock also recorded a 2.12 million trading volume, which is huge compared to the average turnover of just 312 thousand. It was one of the most active trading days of the past year for FCO. FCO stock price had been hitting new 52-week lows for the past three months, thus the more

Formation Metals Inc. (TSE:FCO) (PINK:FMEWF) Accepts Financing Proposal August 02, 2011

Formation Metals Inc. ( TSE:FCO ) (PINK:FMEWF) is about to secure a financing deal that will allow the company to construct a cobalt mine in Idaho. FCO stock price continues to correct back down after gaping up last week in reaction to the news. The shares are still up 10% from last Thursday's closing price and the value should not go down quickly considering the nature of news and the related interest from traders. The trading volume remains heavy - the 350 thousand recorded last more