Excellon Resources Inc. (EXN)


Will Excellon Resources Inc. (TSE:EXN), (PINK:EXLLF) Manage to Pull Up Back... March 24, 2011

"We want the good old times back." Presumably, this is the wish of the managers of Excellon Resources Inc. ( TSE:EXN ), (PINK:EXLLF). At the start of 2011, the shares were flourishing on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE), noting a year-high at $1.39. Now they are struggling to pull back to the $1 level. At least the stock has started to make the right moves in the right direction. Yesterday, the rise was evident on two markets. On the TSE, EXN went 9.2% up to close at $0.95, which is...read more

Excellon Resources Inc. (TSE:EXN), (PINK:EXLLF) Is Worth Less Than a Dollar... February 25, 2011

Yesterday, the stock of Excellon Resources Inc. ( TSE:EXN ), (PINK:EXLLF) fell below the psychological barrier of $1 again. It seems that presently EXN is not very attractive for those who bet on the long position. In case you are investor, it would be probably wise to wait for a better time before taking the firm decision to go for buying. On the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE), EXN has been going down for some time. Since New Year, it has lost 28% from its value. Yesterday, the stock moved...read more

Excellon Resources (TSE:EXN) Stock Swings The Attractive Way September 29, 2010

Excellon Resources ( TSE:EXN ) (PINK:EXLLF) looks ready for another upswing, though traders shouldn't get their hopes up before the important steps are made. The stock has been in a price channel for some time now and swings were getting more swift and aggressive lately. Extraordinary volume was recorded lately as well, which points at ongoing accumulation. This phase should be followed by expansion, but positive news will likely have to trigger it. The Canadian mineral miners...read more