Discovery Air Inc. (DA)


Sinopec Corp. Pays A Large Premium For Daylight Energy Ltd (TSE:DAY)... October 11, 2011

Daylight Energy Ltd ( TSE:DAY ) (PINK:DAYYF) will be acquired by a large Chinese petroleum player, which made the current shareholders happy as DAY's share price doubled upon the announcement. The stock price is up 110% and sticks close to $9.78 per share, which is the price offered by Sinopec Corp., a Chinese petroleum and petrochemical giant, that made the deal through one of their units. The total worth of this transaction is around $2.1 billion. Sinopec must have seen a real more

Discovery Air Inc. (TSE:DA.A), (PINK:DCVRF) Hot News, Cool Market May 17, 2011

It is a hot month for Discovery Air Inc. ( TSE:DA.A ), (PINK:DCVRF). In terms of news and announcements, I mean. The company has been issuing one announcement after the other. All of them positive, but none of them has managed to cause a thrilling rise in the share price so far. The market remained cool, in spite of the flood of information produced by Discovery Air. Maybe, yesterday's session was some kind of an exception. In terms of trading volume, I mean. Not in terms of more

Discovery Air Inc. (TSE:DA.A), (PINK:DCVRF) Stock Realized the Flying Up Idea October 18, 2010

This Friday, Discovery Air Inc. ( TSE:DA.A ), (PINK:DCVRF) stock realized its idea to fly up in only one trading session. On no news from the company, DA.A shares flew up by 24%. The volume traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange exceeded fifteen times the average for the company. The last official announcement by the company was made more than two weeks ago. Discovery Air Inc. announced then the first contract of its newest subsidiary, Discovery Air Technical Services Inc. (DATS). more