Dacha Strategic Metals Inc. (DSM)


Dacha Strategic Metals Incorporated (CVE:DSM) (PINK:DCHAF) Soars On Share... May 31, 2011

Dacha Strategic Metals Incorporated ( CVE:DSM ) (PINK:DCHAF) soared to new highs today after a technical resistance break coincided with the company's announcement of a stock buyback plan and appointment of a new CFO. DSM share price had already broken out to new 52-week high on Monday and part of that momentum could be felt today. The stock added solid 6.6% during the morning spike today under a trading volume of over 1.1 million, which was more than twice the 90 day average value. The...read more

Dacha Strategic Metals Incorporated (CVE:DSM) (PINK:DCHAF) Is Breaking Out May 25, 2011

Dacha Strategic Metals Incorporated ( CVE:DSM ) (PINK:DCHAF) stock soared on no particular news as short sellers likely got squeezed out of their positions. The rally doesn't have the necessary components for continuation though. Stock price added nearly 14% on Tuesday, generating a significant trading volume of 1.7 million. That was 4.4 times the average of 384 thousand. The company has no recent news that could have induced the increase in trading activity. The stock basically pushed...read more