Compton Petroleum Corporation (CMT)


Compton Petroleum Corporation (TSE:CMT) (PINK:CMZPF) Remains Beaten Down June 08, 2011

Traders of Compton Petroleum Corporation ( TSE:CMT ) (PINK:CMZPF) embraced the recent massive share price collapse and seem unwilling to call it a bottom - the price action has shown little affection towards a possible correction. CMT stock stayed down throughout Tuesday, still unable to recover from the nearly 50% collapse that occurred during the first trading session of the week. The stock hit a new multi-year low and currently trades at 11 cents - roughly 100 times lower than more

Compton Petroleum Corporation Stock (TSE:CMT), (PINK:CMZPF) Slumped Heavily May 12, 2011

The shares of Compton Petroleum Corporation ( TSE:CMT ), (PINK:CMZPF) slumped heavily on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE). No reasons for that can be easily pointed out as no company news have been released for some time now. In such cases, we might suppose that somebody is dumping the stock. Or, perhaps, investors still pay attention to the negative financial reports for the past year filed in February. Back then, Compton announced a net loss of $331M, a 40% decrease in total more

Compton Petroleum Corporation Stock (TSE:CMT), (PINK:CMZPF) Is Trying to Go... March 23, 2011

"If I could turn back time...". Most of you probably remember the famous female singer who said this phrase a long time ago, in one of her well-known hits. She is not the only person who wishes to travel back in time. Apparently, this is what many businessmen and companies would be more than pleased to do too. It often happens that after a period of success and gains, the tide turns and they suddenly start accumulating losses. What they desire most of all in such moments, is to turn more

Compton Petroleum Corporation Stock (TSE:CMT), (PINK:CMZPF) Collapsed on... February 28, 2011

Do you own shares of Compton Petroleum Corporation? Are you intent on acquiring such stock? Then you should be very careful, as now it is probably not the right time for investing. Incautious buying might cause you suffer losses. The stock of Compton Petroleum Corporation ( TSE:CMT ), (PINK:CMZPF) sank deeply in the end of last week. The fall was confirmed by the large trading volume and was related to the release of several negative announcements. On Thursday, the company disclosed more

Compton Petroleum Corporation Stock (TSE:CMT), (PINK:CMZPF) A Calm Before the... February 03, 2011

Over the last week, the stock of Compton Petroleum Corporation ( TSE:CMT ), (PINK:CMZPF) has not changed at all in value, though the trading volumes are rising. Maybe, this is not so much unexpected, having in mind that recently no fresh news has been announced that could drive the price up or down.  Since last Thursday, CMT has constantly closed the day at $0.44 per share and since the beginning of this month, it is gradually gaining volume too. The rising turnover more

Compton Petroleum Corporation (TSE:CMT) (PINK:CMZPF) Trades on Rumors? January 20, 2011

Compton Petroleum Corporation ( TSE:CMT ) (PINK:CMZPF) stock added over 11% yesterday on a rally that's now predicted to have been a one-day hype. No news or official explanation from the company surfaced yet. However, the trading volume of over 24 million that is 12 times the 50-day average attracts a lot of attention. If morning panic doesn't drive the share price down, there could be a continuation driven by newly introduced traders. CMT stock has bounced the 39 cents level more