Canada Lithium Corp. (CLQ)


Canada Lithium Corp. (TSE:CLQ), (PINK:CLQMF) Is Still Counting Its Mineral... March 01, 2011

It seems, to a certain extent, that  Canada Lithium Corp. ( TSE:CLQ ), (PINK:CLQMF) has a problematic  situation with its resources. It looks the company is, maybe, not completely aware of how many mineral resources it exactly owns. This is hardly admirable, although it is not an insolvable issue and is definitely not a reason to panic. Yesterday, Canada Lithium announced the appointment of Roscoe Postle and Associates Inc. to undertake an independent review of its more

Canada Lithium Corp. (TSE:CLQ), (PINK:CLQMF) Stock Deposits a New 52-week High October 12, 2010

Since the end of September, Canada Lithium Corp. ( TSE:CLQ ), (PINK:CLQMF) stock price is in an almost constant upward direction. The latest news from the company and some recent publications about the explosive perspectives in the electric cars business and its related infrastructure resulted in a huge rush for the shares. On Friday, when the last bids on CLQ on the Toronto Stock Exchange were made, the shares of Canada Lithium Corp. deposited a new 52-week high. CLQ closed the more