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BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd (TSE:BXI) (PINK:BIXZF) Stock Climbs Back Up on... July 05, 2011

BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd ( TSE:BXI ) (PINK:BIXZF) has an astounding start of the month as the price added 16% on a price rally continuing since last week. BXI stock bounced the bottom just below $1 last week and had a mini gap up subsequently in reaction to the recent financing news. The trading volume doesn't promise anything special though, as 1.3 million was merely above the average of 948 thousand. The cause of optimism among bulls was the announcement of a $20 million more

Bioexx Specialty Proteins Ltd (CVE:BXI), (PINK:BIXZF) Stock Extracts Its... October 27, 2010

After months of victorious climbing up, yesterday Bioexx Specialty Proteins Ltd. ( CVE:BXI ), (PINK:BIXZF) stock extracted a small but meaningful for investors part of its accumulated value added. Yesterday, on the Toronto Stock Exchange the shares of Bioexx Specialty Proteins Ltd. dropped down by 4.98%. The closing of BXI at $2.67 per share and the proposed lowest price of less than the doubled 52-week low were a clear signal that the trading range may be reconsidered these days. more