Belo Sun Mining Corp. (BSX)


Belo Sun Mining Corp. (CVE:BSX) (PINK:VNNHF) Stock Gets More Active October 26, 2011

Belo Sun Mining Corp. ( CVE:BSX ) (PINK:VNNHF) recorded a significant increase in trading activity on Tuesday although the company had no news or updates. The surge in trading might relate to technical reasons. BSX stock price currently fluctuates between the 50- and 200-day moving averages, finding a significant support at the latter one. The trading volume was 3.5 million on Tuesday, significantly above the 90-day average of 549 thousand and indicating the move up could lead more

Belo Sun Mining Corp. (CVE:BSX), (PINK:VNNHF) Is in Retreat After the Recent... May 04, 2011

For most stocks, it is normal to take a step back after noting a peak in their performance. Likewise, the shares of Belo Sun Mining Corp. ( CVE:BSX ), (PINK:VNNHF) are currently in a retreat, shortly after they marked a seven-year price record on the TSX Venture Exchange (CVE). Perhaps, it is more disturbing for the company's managers that the stock is declining on rising volumes, which seems to be a bearish sign. Yesterday's turnover of 2.67M shares beats about four times the average more

Will the Stock of Belo Sun Mining Corp. Reach New Horizons (CVE:BSX),... March 29, 2011

"Money is not everything", somebody had said. He may be right, but in the world of business money surely means a lot. If you manage to secure the funds you need, it is much easier to fulfill your projects. You just have to be smart enough, and to use the capital in the proper way. This is, however, not such an easy task. Managers of Belo Sun Mining Corp. ( CVE:BSX ), (PINK:VNNHF) have made the first important step. For the time being, they have secured the money needed for the more