Africa Oil Corp. (AOI)

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Dispute Between Authorities Brings Down Africa Oil Corp. (CVE:AOI) (PINK:AOIFF) June 14, 2012

Africa Oil Corp. ( CVE:AOI ) (PINK:AOIFF) stock price got affect by a dispute between the local authorities concerning the distribution of would be royalties from the company's oil sales. AOI share price collapsed nearly 15% in what seems to be a slightly exaggerated panic. The trading volume wasn't too significant though at 2.2 million, which was only slightly above the daily average of 1.7 million. Still, troublesome news were out forcing the price down and the bearish effect more

Africa Oil Corp. (CVE:AOI) (PINK:AOIFF) Gets Some More Bullish Action May 09, 2012

Africa Oil Corp. ( CVE:AOI ) (PINK:AOIFF) share price slipped higher on a bullish note today still carrying the weight of the recent additional oil discoveries in Kenya. AOI stock continues to gain value today and already secured 10% during the first half of the session. The trading activity is over the top as well - 2.8 million shares changed hand thus far, which is already significantly above the daily average turnover of 1.5 million. The stock got very popular a couple of days more

Africa Oil Corp. (CVE:AOI) (PINK:AOIFF) Hits New Multiyear High May 02, 2012

Africa Oil Corp. ( CVE:AOI ) (PINK:AOIFF) stock price hit a new high and bulls rushed to make use of the technical breakout. AOI share price was up 13.5% nearing end of the session. The accompanying trading volume topped 2.5 million, which was roughly twice the average turnover of 1.3 million. With today's move AOI broke out to a new multiyear high and this might attract significant attention on technical terms alone. The price has support at $5.70 per share in case of more

Africa Oil Corp. (CVE:AOI) (PINK:AOIFF) Stock Price Hits A New High March 31, 2012

Africa Oil Corp. ( CVE:AOI ) (PINK:AOIFF) stock price shot after the company got more media coverage reminding of the recent prospective oil discovery. AOI stock price another 15% on Friday under a trading volume of 3.6 million, which was three times heavier than the average turnover. During the session, share price hit a new 52-week high at $4.43 per share. The closest support sits around $3.5 per share, which could easily result in 21% price drop when the latest catalysts run out more

Africa Oil Corp. (CVE:AOI) (PINK:AOIFF) Finds Oil, Share Price Skyrockets March 27, 2012

Africa Oil Corp. ( CVE:AOI ) (PINK:AOIFF) stock price gaped up after the company found some oil in a Ngamia-1 well in Kenya. AOI share price gaped up 42.5% on Monday under a trading volume of 8.2 million which was ten times the average of 760.8 thousand. The price action for the day formed a doji candle though, showing indecision. That's quite natural when the news was great but will not have an instant effect on the company's financial situation. Plus, there were a lot of traders more

Africa Oil Corp. (CVE:AOI) (PINK:AOIFF) Challenges Short Term Resistance October 16, 2011

Africa Oil Corp. ( CVE:AOI ) (PINK:AOIFF) share price has secured position at the upper part of the short term trading channel but failed to gather enough buying pressure to break through resistance. The stock price is still trapped in a trading channel despite the heavy trading on Thursday, but kept at the higher end of the range till the very end of last week. AOI price appreciation stopped at the resistance of 1.45, which could lead to a swing back down. Thursday's 10 more

Pending Acquisition Sets the Share Price for Lion Energy Corporation... March 09, 2011

Lion Energy Corporation ( CVE:LEO ) (PINK:LEGYF) became yet another target for profit scalpers since the company is about to be acquired by Africa Oil Corp. ( CVE:AOI ) (PINK:AOIFF). $40 million offering for the corporation pushed the stock price up more than 12% on Tuesday. The current level of 35 cents per share closely represents the price offered and promises only mild fluctuations until the transaction is complete. Africa Oil currently trades near $2 per share - according to more