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BlackBerry Ltd. (TSE:BB) (NASDAQ:BBRY) Expects To Finish 2014 In The Green

by Dragni Dragnev Aug 5, 2014

BlackBerry Ltd. (TSE:BBBB message board) (NASDAQ:BBRY) enthusiasts will be happy to hear the announcement of company's CEO John Chen, that the restructuring and workforce reduction that BBRY has been conducting for three years now has officially come to an end. [BANNER]

The declaration was made in an internal memo to all its employees, reviewed by Reuters. But the note contained more than news on the end of the restructuring. BBRY's CEO also shared with his employees the belief that the company is now “well on its way to recovery” and his confidence thatBBRY will meet its goal of being “cash flow positive by the end of the current fiscal year”.

Which is certainly not something to be said lightly. True,BBRY has come a long way since its downfall and failure to keep the pace with Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), but can it really smooth out all of its present difficulties?

It has become obvious that BBRYis taking serious steps in towards recovery. The selling of non-core assets and real-estate, the efforts toward increasing of the efficiency of company's manufacturing and supply chain, as well as the acquisition of SecuSmart are all serious steps towards executing a business strategy that may very well extract BBRY from the difficulties that are still plaguing it.

Under Mr. Chen's guidance, the company has certainly made some very decisive actions. Still, whether or not said efforts will prove to be enough to push BBRY forward remains to be seen.

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