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BonTerra Resources Inc (CVE:BTR), (PINK:BONXF) Stock Rushed on Rushed Assays

by Ekaterina Zelenkova Nov 10, 2010
BTR_price_chart.jpgAlmost for a second week in row BonTerra Resources Inc (CVE:BTR), (PINK:BONXF) stock is surging up, keeping the sharp upward direction.

Positive golden news about funds raising and drilling updates followed by rushed assays results rushed also the shares of the company.

Yesterday, BTR stock closed at $0.28 per share in a recordable volume of 10.5 million shares changing hands.

During the session, investors appreciated not only the next in line share price jump up of 19.15% between the sessions.

The shot new 52-week high at $0.33 per share expressed the gold rush mood of investors, and  was also a signal of their willingness to change the trading range to a higher level.

The released these days intent of the company to acquire a 100% interest in a property package and a private placement to raise funds, all on the background of BTR good financial standing, made the gold rush for the golden BTR stock even stronger.[BANNER]

Since the day of the announcement of the rushing rushed assays last week, up to yesterday, the rushed BTR stock added 107% of gold value. At the opening of today's trading session on the TSX Venture Exchange, BTR rose by 21.43%. At present, on the American OTC Grey market, BONXF has advanced by 9.75%.

BTR_from_the_site.pngAnd at the same time, it should be reminded that in the session yesterday the shares of BonTerra Resources Inc formed a black candlestick on the chart.

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