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Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. (CVE:SSS), (PINK:SCTPF) Stock Is Cured by a Stroke

by Ekaterina Zelenkova Oct 29, 2010
SSS_price_chart.jpgYesterday, Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. (CVE:SSS), (PINK:SCTPF) stock was successfully cured by a stroke.

The almost shocking 64.71% share price increase between the sessions signaled that the treatment of SSS was more than successful.

The medical history of the company's shares and the following definitive remediation were confirmed by a volume of more than 7.7 million shares changing hands.

On the American OTC Grey market, investors also appreciated the almost vertical turn up of SCTPF. The company's shares soared by 38.13%.

Thanks to the initiated by Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. shareholder meeting this week, SSS stock made its first attempt to leave the bottom and to escape from the trading range swirling around the 52-week low.

SSS_from_the_site.pngLooks like the presented during the meeting upcoming events and milestones of the company gave some optimism to investors and pushed slightly ahead SSS stock.

One of the interesting issues presented was the company's product model. Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. plan to sell the advancing NTx®-265 program after the clinical development in order to make a return on the shareholders' investment.

On that high optimism, one day after the event SSS stock rush reflected a 13.33% price increase.

[BANNER]Maybe at the end of the week some speculators in a hurry to bank gains joined the group of the bulls. And maybe among the most probable reasons for yesterday's share price explosion were the bids of the shorters.

At the end of this May, the shares of Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. were worth half a dollar. Yesterday, SSS closed the market at $0.14 per share and raising hopes among investors. For some of them, it was the anticipation of a winning long position. For the others, the expectation for speculative gains.

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