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Discovery Air Inc. (TSE:DA.A), (PINK:DCVRF) Stock Realized the Flying Up Idea

by Ekaterina Zelenkova Oct 18, 2010
DA_A_price_chart.jpgThis Friday, Discovery Air Inc. (TSE:DA.A), (PINK:DCVRF) stock realized its idea to fly up in only one trading session.

On no news from the company, DA.A shares flew up by 24%.

The volume traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange exceeded fifteen times the average for the company.

The last official announcement by the company was made more than two weeks ago. Discovery Air Inc. announced then the first contract of its newest subsidiary, Discovery Air Technical Services Inc. (DATS).

For days after the event, DA.A stock was traded in a weak volume with no change in the price.

Looks like the speculative interest and some delayed investors' reaction finally made possible what should have happened at the beginning of the month.[BANNER]

On the American Grey market, the investors also appreciated the sudden, delayed, or maybe just speculative gain of DCVRF stock. DCVRF rose up by 26.25%, closing at $0.303 per share.

DA_A_from_the_site.pngSo, on no recent news and maybe with a delay, at the end of the week the shares of Discovery Air Inc. brought investors the joy of a share price flying more than 24% up. In this way, the idea of the company's slogan of flying in two aspects has been realized. The first aspect was the stock price flying up. And the second one was investors' feeling to fly high on the opportunity to bank some huge gains.

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