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Great Panther Silver Limited (PINK:GPRLF), (TSE:GPR) Stock Climbs Up Like Hunting A Wildcat

by Ekaterina Zelenkova Sep 13, 2010
GPR_price_chart.jpgThese days, Great Panther Silver Limited (PINK:GPRLF), (TSE:GPR) stock climbs up like hunting a wildcat.

The new discovery at 590 meters depth in the Guanajuato mine opened the door for an almost constant gain of company's shares. Both markets, the American and the Canadian one, appreciated the price soar with a higher than the average trading volume.

On the Toronto Stock Exchange, GPR climbs up since the end of August. In the middle of the month, GPR stock was traded in the range of $0.73 - $0.77 per share.

Last Tuesday, when the company released results from the deep drilling program in the Rayas area of the Guanajuato mine, GPR immediately added 3.49% to its value on a volume of more than 700 thousand shares traded.

GPRLF_from_the_site.pngAfter one trading session of GPR volume gain without a price change, up to now the shares are climbing up with not less than 3% per session. Today, GPR entered the market at $0.96 with the next upward step.

Since the date of the above mentioned company's announcement, GPR "hunted" for the 6.74% more value.
On the American market, investors holding GPRLF seemed more active, or more emotional. On the company's news, GPRLF surged 9.25% up. The constant GPRLF climbing up was crowned on Friday with a 2.92% share price increase between the sessions and with a volume of almost four times the average.

Similar to the TSE's trading session opening for GPRLF, on the American market the shares also kept the upward direction, trading at around $0.919.

Great Panther Silver Limited is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company is one of the fastest growing primary silver producers in Mexico. GPR owns two operating mines in Mexico and employs almost 800 people.

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