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Gold Bullion Development Corporation (CVE:GBB), (PINK:GBBFF) Stock Adds More Gold

by Ekaterina Zelenkova Sep 1, 2010
GBB_price_chart.jpgYesterday, Gold Bullion Development Corporation (CVE:GBB), (PINK:GBBFF) stock added more gold to its value on the company's news about expanding the Long Bars Zone Eastern Extension.

GBB stock closed the market at $0.580 on a heavy volume. During the session, more than 1.3 million shares changed hands.

The share price jump of 9.43% confirmed even more the investors' appreciation of the latest company's update, published on GBB web site parallel to the above mentioned release.

The second half of August was very positive for GBB stock. Being in an almost constantly upward direction, GBB is probably these days aimed to restore its good performance and reach the levels of this June.

Yesterday, as opposed to the high optimistic mood of investors on CVE, traders of GBBFF at the OTC market did not confirm the upward move of GBBFF.[BANNER]

GBB_from_the_site.pngFurther more, GBBFF closed the session at $0.494 with a 0.2% pull back from the previous day. The volume traded was also weak.

Today's trading session will show whether investors of GBBFF are already accustomed to the releases about the next step of the drilling program implementation, or they will still get inspired by the company's news.

Since Gold Bullion Development Corporation expects to release additional assay results next week, it can be expected that the interest towards the company's shares will be still hot.

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1. Madmoney
November 06, 2010, 03:06PM

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2. Nick A
September 03, 2010, 04:40AM

Quotes 11,5% up also Thursday. Can be really something when results from 80 holes starts coming in next week.

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