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AXMIN Inc. (CVE:AXM) (PINK:AXMIF) Adds Two Specialists To Project Development Team

by Gediminas Jasionis Oct 28, 2011
axm_chart.pngAXMIN Inc. (CVE:AXM) (PINK:AXMIF) announced admission of two new members into their engineering team responsible for construction work on one of their key projects.

AXM stock was up 11% this morning, possibly as a reaction to the new appointments on this development team working on Passendro Gold Project in Central African Republic. The company said that Mike Edwards was added as project director and Geoff McLoughlin took the position of engineer manager.

Both new member have extensive knowledge in their fields and have worked on projects of considerable importance. The newcomers will have the time needed to accommodate as construction works on the mentioned property should only begin in 2012.

axmin_logo.jpgThe news didn't have much impact on trading activity though. The volume remains elivened from previous sessions and the price change might be attributed to general volatility instead on direct impact from the news.

Axmin is a Canadian gold exploration business with properties distributed in Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Mali, Senegal and Mozambique. The company caries active operation on only two projects though. Entering 2011 Aximin had sold virtually all permits relating to the Mali property and retained only 20% interest in Senegal. The company is actively seeking a joint venture partner to help develop Mavita Copper-Nickel-Cobalt project in Mozambique.

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