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PharmaGap Inc. (CVE:GAP) Prospects Built Up, Developments Yet To Come

by Gediminas Jasionis May 18, 2010
GAP_chart.pngPharmaGap Inc. (CVE:GAP) had another market reaction to its anti-cancer drug development efforts, and yet to come, is the possible fade out as the FDA approval doesn't happen overnight.

The stock was picking up investors interest after the company fully confirmed their drug works in the tube. The $15 million market cap it has put up afterwards might have happened too soon though as milestones to be achieved are still far away on the time line.

The market was stirred when the Canadian company completed another round of testing and confirmed their drug application works to kill some forms of cancer like melanoma, prostate and colon. They are now trying to get FDA approval for this new drug so that human trials could get going.[BANNER]

PharmaGap_logo.jpgFrom an investor's point of view, that's good news, but they still need to collect more data, file for approval, and wait until it's granted. They will also require additional capital as the tests to come are usually the most costly ones in the whole drug development cycle.

As usually happens with development stage speculative stocks the price will likely shoot up as the upcoming chain of events unravels. Since they have a proved, working, cancer cells killing product there are no obstacles to enter the next phase, which means the funding should be available at attractive conditions.

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