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Natcore Technology Inc. (CVE:NXT) - Shooting Up With A Bright Future In Sight

by Gediminas Jasionis May 3, 2010
NXT_chart.pngNatcore Technology Inc. (CVE:NXT) keeps hitting new highs fueled by previous developments, riding a blue sky breakout.

Friday held yet another spurt in the price appreciation lasting from mid April. Stock secured 25% increase in value over the last trading week alone, and add over 144% for the whole buying boom. The stock began actively trading only in mid 2009, the price has never traded above the current levels. So called blue sky breakout is usually a sign of significant and extended appreciation underway, though investors still have to consider this is a company with no sales record, and by large part the stock performance remains a subject of increased speculation.[BANNER]

Natcore_logo.jpgThings began to move when the company shipped the first bulk of their product samples to customers. The Liquid Phase Deposition process used in Natcore's wafer's is said to be unique approach to acquisition of silicon dioxide. Currently, high hopes are put into technology's performance in the solar industry.

Basically, the company came up with a process to make silicon dioxide's growth less expensive and supposedly allows for even thinner layer to be produced. Natcore acquired the technology from Rice University and currently is making their first attempts at marketing.

The company is already stepping into China's market through a joint venture with Zhuzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. The company also secured the contract in a way that Chinese Partners would provide majority of capital needed for the formation of Natcore China.

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1. A. Dickerson
May 03, 2010, 03:23PM

Quotes Finally!!! It's good to see this stock is being picked up by the media. I've been long on NXT (PINK:NTCXF) since last June and see tremendous upside from here with limited downside risk. Recent price/volume action has reset the downside resistance well above the $1 mark and the technology is truely game changing. Less silicon (66% less) and a milder process means less manufacturing cost for single layer PVs AND for the probablity of tandem PVs which could mean sunlight to electricity conversion of 30% to 40%. This would bring solar cost in line with most all mainstream technologies. Natcore is a definate buy and we should look for a major share price move once the Chinese JV is finalized.

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