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Thelon Capital Ltd. (CVE:THC) (PINK:THVDF) Downtrend Continues Despite Stock Promotions

by Gediminas Jasionis Jul 29, 2011
2THC_chart.pngYesterday, promoters attempted to put an end to Thelon Capital Ltd. (CVE:THC) (PINK:THVDF) share price decline . The newsletters caused a commotion on the stock market at the same time the price approached a support level. The cause seems to have had little effect though.

THC stock recorded 250 thousand trading volume yesterday, which was far above the average turnover of 91 thousand. Still, despite the increased trading activity, the share price continued to roll down.

thelon_logo.jpgBy the end of the day, the short term downtrend wasn't affected by the two promotional newsletters, that clearly attempted to put a stop to this decline.

Thelon was promoted by and The first one received no compensation and the second one disclosed $40 thousand payment for one month of similar services.

The share price continues to roll down since mid-July, although the supports at 47-47.5 cents look strong enough to hold back the decline for at least a bit. The levels have been tested several times and their breach led to a beautiful price breakout half a month ago.

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